Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel (2016-USA)

The report describes a set of consequential recommendations for accelerating cancer research to achieve the ambitious goal of making a decade’s worth of cancer research progress in five years and to bring the most promising science and clinical developments to all cancer patients in the near term.

G. Prevention and Early Detection: Implementation of Evidence-Based Approaches: “Currently, there is a need for nationwide efforts to identify individuals with hereditary cancer syndromes, and to determine and implement optimal intervention strategies, such as earlier cancer screenings, that would reduce the risk of developing malignant disease. For example, in the case of LS, which leads to increased risk of colorectal and endometrial cancers as well as other malignancies, tumor testing is recommended for all individuals with CRC; however, fewer than 5% receive this screening, representing a missed opportunity to identify individuals and family members who may have inherited a substantially higher cancer risk.

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