Lynch  Syndrome  Ireland

Citizens’ Jury on Access to Health Information 

Familial Burden and Other Clinical Factors Associated With Various Types of Cancer in Individuals With Lynch Syndrome

Conclusions: Familial burden – in addition to age, sex, and specific LS gene – should be used to assess LS carriers’ risks of specific cancers and guide decision-making about organ-specific surveillance.

Conquering cancer by targeting its genetic abnormalities

“Some say, ‘Oh, I don’t want to know.’ And I think, well, you’re nuts because knowledge is power, and you can stay ahead of this,”

Ageing Previvors

A day in the Life of Bren….

Bren has Lynch Syndrome and is constantly trying to create awareness.

Before and after his scan…..

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Dr @AliceLeBonniec from @nuigalway and Dr Nick Clarke from @DCU are looking to recruit patient and public involvement contributors to help design two @IrishCancerSoc research studies to improve colorectal cancer screening uptake. More details above!

Finding out you have Lynch Syndrome…

IS NOT finding out you have Cancer.

Finding out you have Lynch Syndrome…


The Prospective Lynch Syndrome Database reports enable evidence-based personal precision health care

Better defined and individualized prospective probabilities of cancer may be needed for genetic counselling and planning of preventive interventions.

Immunotherapy for Advanced Bowel Cancer

NCCN Guidelines: Genetic/Familial High Risk Assessment: Colorectal. (1.2021)

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