is an online personalised resource for you and yours who have been impacted by a gynaecological cancer.

This programme is part of the Irish Cancer Society’s Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), the aim of which is to improve health and wellbeing for women impacted by cancer who are dealing with the side effects and consequences of treatment.

Phases of thisisGO

Phase 1 was launched on September 20th 2021.  It is a personalised
online resource for women impacted by cervical cancer. If you have a partner in
your life, this platform can also support them. If you are a health care
provider working in the area this can also support you and your

If you are newly diagnosed, receiving treatment, in surveillance
or living well with and beyond cancer has information that is
tailored to meet your needs.

Phase 2 covered ovarian cancer and was launched on the 4th of
February 2022

Next Phase due shortly will cover Genetic Cancers including BRCA and Lynch Syndrome

It is hoped that the remaining three gynaecological cancer and
GO cancer genetics will be complete before the end of 2022.

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