What does being “research active” mean for clinicians and their patients?

“Being research active, in my opinion, is fundamentally about our willingness and diligence, as patients, to ask questions and seek high quality evidence either as a patient, a health professional, and from an organisational standpoint.

As patients we need to ask for the evidence. We should be able to read about the findings in plain English. We must be part of a meaningful and informed conversation. We should have guidance on the questions to ask about whether to take part in research. We must be kept informed about the progress of individual studies. We should be able to find out how to get involved with researchers to inform, shape, and influence all aspects of the process. A research active patient might be described as purposely enquiring about evidence to support their own health.

For health professionals it may be about asking how research can assist in all stages of the patient pathway. It is where research moves from being a last option to a helpful guide. … research active health professional might then mean being fully engaged with research as a means of benefiting patients through networking with colleagues and the public.”

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