GeNotes helps healthcare professionals make the right genomics decisions at each stage of a clinical pathway(NHS)

Put simply, GeNotes provides educational information at the point of need (In the Clinic), with opportunities for extended learning (Knowledge Hub).

In the Clinic

The ‘In the Clinic’ articles are focused on the point of patient care, and each concise article is centred around a clinical scenario. The articles are organised into clinical specialties, with oncology being the first of many (see ‘The GeNotes roadmap’, below).

In the Clinic articles are framed round two contexts:

  1. presentation, or testing, stage; and
  2. results stage.

Presentation articles are aligned to NHS England’s National Genomic Test Directory, and allow the clinician to:

  • locate themselves through a generic clinical scenario;
  • check whether their patient is eligible for genomic testing; and
  • access information on how to request testing.

Results articles educate the clinician about the different types of results that may be returned and how these should or could be actioned, whether:

  • clinically actionable;
  • variant(s) of uncertain significance; or
  • no clinically actionable variant identified.

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