Lynch Syndrome: A Common Yet Under-Recognized Hereditary Cancer Predisposition

Lynch syndrome is the most common inherited predisposition to colorectal and endometrial (uterine) cancers, yet is it under-diagnosed. Around 90-95% of people who have Lynch syndrome are not aware of their condition.

This is a major concern because many of the cancers associated with Lynch syndrome are preventable or could be detected earlier through intensive cancer surveillance. Identifying patients with Lynch syndrome also helps with testing other members of their family who may be at risk and helps ensure access to care for patients who have high risks for cancer.

Keeping Patients Up to Date After Genetic Testing

“A patient can have the most thorough and accurate genetic testing available, but if that information is not integrated into their health care, that testing is meaningless. Or worse, if that testing is not interpreted correctly, it can be harmful”

Should children be Tested for Hereditary Syndromes?

“It is generally not a good idea to genetically test minor children for hereditary cancer syndromes, such as Lynch syndrome or BRCA, unless their family medical history warrants it.”

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