Lynch syndrome cancer vaccines: A roadmap for the development of precision immunoprevention strategies

Safe and effective cancer prevention strategies are critically needed to improve the life quality and longevity of LS and other Hereditary Cancer Syndrome carriers. The era of precision oncology driven by recent technological advances in tumor molecular profiling and a better understanding of genetic risk factors has transformed cancer prevention approaches for at-risk individuals, including LS carriers. 

Here, they discuss recent advances in precision cancer immunoprevention approaches, emerging enabling technologies, research gaps, and implementation barriers toward clinical translation of risk-tailored prevention strategies for LS carriers.

The success of FSP neoantigen(mutation)-based cancer vaccines for LS cancer prevention will hopefully demonstrate the potential marketability of cancer preventive vaccines in the next decade, which will bring an increasing interest from the private sector and can lead to the partnership opportunities between academia, government, and industry for the betterment of quality of life for LS and other high-risk populations.

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