MyLynch: A Patient-Facing Clinical Decision Support Tool for Genetically-Guided Personalised Medicine in Lynch Syndrome

Lynch syndrome (LS) is associated with varying cancer risks depending on which of the five causative genes harbors a pathogenic variant; however, lifestyle and medical interventions provide options to lower those risks.

“We developed MyLynch, a patient-facing clinical decision support (CDS) web application that applies genetically-guided personalized medicine (GPM) for individuals with LS. MyLynch informs LS patients of their personal cancer risks, educates patients on relevant interventions, and provides patients with adjusted risk estimates depending on the interventions they choose to pursue. MyLynch can improve risk communication between patients and providers while also encouraging communication among relatives with the goal of increasing cascade testing. As genetic panel testing becomes more widely available, GPM will play an increasingly important role in patient care, and CDS tools offer patients and providers tailored information to inform decision-making. MyLynch provides personalised cancer risk estimates and interventions to lower these risks for patients with LS.”

“The MyLynch risk estimates and their clinical utility should be validated on larger samples of patients in future studies. We also plan to produce a mobile compatible version of the app as well as incorporate risk uncertainty into the estimates.”

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