I’ve been given the gift of information,while it can be physically & emotionally taxing, I can take steps to ensure colorectal cancer doesn’t end my life.I can help others have the courage to get tested & go for screening if they notice a change.

When asked what she wanted people to take away from her contribution to the Marie Keating Foundation’s #JoinTheBowelMovement campaign this April, Roberta’s message was simple.

Firstly, get to know your family history and the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer. Secondly, if you are experiencing symptoms but don’t fit the idea in your mind of  “what a bowel cancer patient is”, speak to your GP about it anyway. And finally, if you’re eligible, go for BowelScreen. It’s so much easier to prevent than to cure, so if you were to take something away from my story, I would want it to be that.”

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