Delphi Initiative for Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer (DIRECt) International Management Guidelines


The DIRECt group produced the first consensus recommendations on eoCRC. All statements should be considered together with the accompanying comments and literature reviews. We highlighted areas where research should be prioritized. These guidelines represent a useful tool for clinicians caring for patients with eoCRC.


The DIRECt consensus produced 31 recommendations for patients diagnosed with eoCRC ≥18 years old based on 145 articles (summarized in Supplementary Appendices 2–7). When appropriate, issues related to colon or rectal cancers specifically are highlighted; in cases where statements applied to both colon and rectal cancer, the term colorectal cancer (CRC) was used.

All statements are summarized in Table 2Table 3Table 4(Table 2: diagnosis, risk factors, and genetics; Table 3: pathology, oncology; Table 4: endoscopic diagnosis and treatment, therapy, and supportive care). Areas of controversy are described throughout the main text and summarized in Table 5.

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