A day in the Life of Bren….

Bren has Lynch Syndrome and is constantly trying to create awareness.

Before and after his scan…..

The Prospective Lynch Syndrome Database reports enable evidence-based personal precision health care

Better defined and individualized prospective probabilities of cancer may be needed for genetic counselling and planning of preventive interventions. 


Irish Cancer Society-Living Well with and Beyond Cancer 2021

Living Well with and Beyond Cancer 2021

Irish Cancer Society’s Annual national conference took place online on Wednesday, 2 June and Thursday, 3 June.

A range of speakers shared their experiences, stories and expert knowledge on living well after a cancer diagnosis through a mix of virtual presentations, interactive workshops and Q&A sessions. The last year has been difficult for people affected by cancer and the uncertainty and isolation continues for many. We would encourage cancer patients, survivors and those that care for them to watch the recordings from this unique online event.

The conference recordings look at topics like self-care, healthy eating, exercise as well as advances in cancer treatment. 

You can view the recordings at www.cancer.ie/livingwell

“Bowel cancer doesn’t discriminate on gender or age…We need to be having a more open public conversation about it and need to highlight hereditary cancer syndromes so we can get better at identifying the families affected and give them the opportunity to reduce their cancer burden. It would save so many lives.”


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