Patients With Cancer Don’t Owe ‘Grief Tourists’ Anything

The strange juxtaposition of utter pain, destruction and sadness in my private life and the brave, strong and positive patient in public was stifling. I didn’t want to hear how I was an inspiration simply for trying not to die. I didn’t want to hear how brave I was. I didn’t want to hear how upset my own cancer made Sally from fifth grade (who hadn’t spoken to me since).

Hereditary Cancer Demands a New Medical Discipline

Despite a devastating family history of cancer, no doctor took note of the history and took action to determine if there was a hereditary cause. 

Having just one physician dedicated to the practice of hereditary cancer awareness and prevention would also not only potentially save lives, it also would save on the enormous expenses incurred because ofa cancer that wasn’t prevented or caught early.

Cancer Taught Me Some Unexpected Lessons

No one is going to be a bigger or better advocate for your health than YOU. The days of doing a trust fall into a white coat might be over. You know you. No one will fight harder for your life than you.

Having a Hereditary Cancer Syndrome Has Changed My Life

“Your diet is not only what you eat. It’s what you watch, what you listen to, what you read and the people you hang around, be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually and physically.”

Targeted immunotherapy helps Florida woman beat Lynch syndrome-driven colon cancer

“Fortunately, there’s been a lot of work for patients with Lynch syndrome,” says Dr. Jones. “It used to be that they had really aggressive cancers, and we just didn’t have a great way of treating them. But over the last five to seven years, we’ve had an explosion of drugs called immunotherapies. We’ve seen dramatic responses and unlikely cures in patients.”

Another brilliant resource now available for women living with/beyond and with a predisposition to cancer.

Phase 3 live now

-400 women are diagnosed with Uterine cancer every year. 70-80% diagnosed are living with obesity.

Log on to for accurate info.

Director of the Lynch Syndrome Center Shares his Personal Connection to Lynch Syndrome

People with Lynch syndrome are often tested and diagnosed because they have been diagnosed with cancer or they have a family history of cancer, ultimately triggering a recommendation for genetic testing.

Eight of the 13 in his grandfather’s generation ultimately developed some form of cancer, and it wasn’t until later that Matt Yurgelun would understand why: Lynch syndrome, which increases one’s risk for a variety of cancers, runs in the family.

‘The immune systems of patients with Lynch syndrome who haven’t had cancer sometimes exhibit responses to that MSI. This suggests that these patients’ immune systems are reacting to pre-cancerous formations in the body. This discovery has spurred cancer vaccine research for people with Lynch syndrome to prevent possible cancers that might develop because of it.’

“Having been through cancer and the shock of discovering he has Lynch syndrome, Andrew is well today but knows it is important to continue to be vigilant with both physical and mental health”

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