Kirstie Alley’s Cause Of Death Explained

Kirstie Alley, best known for her Emmy award-winning role as Rebecca Howe on “Cheers,” died Monday night of colon cancer (via People). She was 71.

Her children, True and Lillie Parker, said in a statement on Twitter that her cancer diagnosis was “recently discovered” and that her closest family members were with her. She was receiving treatment at the Moffitt Cancer Center.

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According to the American Cancer Society, colon cancer might not have symptoms at first, and one could be symptom-free before finding out the cancer has spread.

For those with a genetic predisposition, like Lynch Syndrome, it can spread faster and occur at younger ages (per Fight Colorectal Cancer). Doctors recommend regular colon cancer screenings at age of 45 for anyone with an average risk and even younger for those with a genetic risk factor.

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